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Auto tags and notary services


Any Document

$5 per seal / $2 per additional signer per page $5 per seal

Fax Services

$2 and up
First page = $2 Additional pages = $1 each

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Title only transfer (Truck & Car)

Full title transfer regular car

Title transfer w/transfer plate

Bike title transfer

Registration  Renewal (passenger pate)

Registration  Renewal (Truck)

Any Registration  Duplicate

New plate Car

Transit plates (from PA to other State)

Duplicate title

Antique/Classic Registration

Class M Renewal

Title only transfer with lien car

Full title transfer with lien regular car

Truck/Trailer title transfer

Bike title transfer w/lien

Vanity Plate

Bike Registration  Renewal

New plate Truck

New plate Bike

Disability Plate

Disability Placard

License or lD Renewal Class C

Class A/B Renewal


Class C License Renewal

Permit Renewal / Duplicate

Duplicate Drivers License

License Restoration

Class m license renewal

Class A/B License Renewal

Photo Id Renewal

Duplicate License W/ Class M

Duplicate Camera Card

Duplicate Camera Card W/ Class M

Change of address

Driving Record